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Reinhard Nöhammer
A-2095 Drosendorf, Wolfsbach 9
Mobil: 0664-115 36 19

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Decorative painting

Decorative painting – more of a vocation than a career! Taking the high level of decorative painting in the 19th century as my starting point, it is my wish to revive this type of painting. I am more than pleased to offer discerning customers, especially those who attach importance to details, the wide-ranging experience I have gained in this field. With careful attention to detail, I have developed my own style which has already been received very well. I can offer you precisely executed work and professional expertise.

I would like to offer you an insight into the very broad field that is decorative painting. A small selection of paintings and painting techniques can be found on my website – all works displayed have, of course, been completed by me personally.

Of course I would be pleased to produce customised sketches and designs according to your ideas and wishes, or alternatively, working on the basis of images and/or templates that you have at hand. For the purposes of quality comparison, a sample can be created on-site.

In carrying out my work, I only use high-grade, specially selected materials. Consequently, particular emphasis is placed on a prior, detailed consultation session. Similarly, in special cases such as restoration, I personally produce the colours according to the original formula.

My decorative painting work can be executed anywhere in Austria as well as abroad. So if I have piqued your interest, I’d be very happy to hear from you! Of course I am also more than happy to provide additional or more detailed information at any time.

Reinhard Nöhammer
Decorative painter

Golden medal for decorative painting

Golden medal for decorative painting
(Faux Wood Graining and Marbling, Belgium 2008)

Cup - Reinhard Nöhammer

Masterpiece of 2012
awarded by the Lower Austria broads land guild
of painter and paperhanger

Goldener Pinsel - Reinhard Nöhammer

Awarding of the "Golden Brush"
by the Painters Guild in Lower Austria

2009: 1 Gold, 1 Silver
2006: 1 Gold
2005: 1 Silver
2004: 2 Gold
2003: 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
2002: 2 Silber, 1 Bronze

for 6 submissions since 2002:
4x Gold, 6x Silver und 2x Bronze

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The following websites are also associated to my website, and

Holzimitationen Historische Maltechniken Marmorimitationen

On these pages you can find further information on wood painting and marble painting as well as projects which I have completed using these techniques.
The Historische Maltechniken (historic painting techniques) site provides information on old craftsmanship and visual material.