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Restoration – the preserving and conserving of old substance

This includes:

This often includes decorative paintings that have been painted with the same colours and techniques as I continue to employ today. The tools used at the time have undergone few changes as regards certain techniques.


You will find some examples below



Restoration of a limestone ceiling

Restoration of a limestone ceiling

Lime plaster on exposed stucco ceiling. No organic admixtures such as casein or acryl were used. In order to lend the ceiling a more vivacious appearance, it was underlaid with limewash paint beforehand.
Genuine limewash paints stand out due to their unique crystalline satin-matt surface, are highly diffusion-open and mould-resistant.

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Restoration woodgraining, Gross Siegharts Castle

Wood graining, restoration wood painting, Gross Siegharts Castle

With the help of the few remaining original woodgraining, the doors were restored to their original condition. The small areas containing the original wood paintings were cleaned and remained on the door in the new matching painting.
To match these fragments the remaining area was painted in a similar manner.
Surface coating and wood grain in oil technique. The glass area with the grille in the upper part of the door was sealed with wood as in the original.

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Restoration of a lime ceiling

lastering, restoration of a lime ceiling

After the cleaning and plastering of the ceiling, the surface was repainted with limewash paints. The stencil tape and the lining work were also reproduced with limewash paints. The dark shades were additionally reinforced with glue using self-produced casein. The customer requested that the stencilling have an old appearance – in the condition it was found in – therefore the painting was glazed and mechanically processed at a later stage.

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