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Faux Marble - Marbling

Faux marble – a very old "fascination". Painting marble or, better yet, marbling – this refers to copying or imitation of different types of marble by painting. Marbling is a glazing technique and, unlike wood painting, it was and is also possible to paint or marble on absorptive surfaces such as distemper or mineral paint. First-class marble paintings executed by a well-trained person bear an uncanny resemblance to genuine marble and, in many cases, non-experts can hardly spot the difference. In synergy with the architecture, painted marble represents a refinement of the object. Marble was painted even during the Ancient Roman period (e.g. Pompeii).


The following galleries give an overview of some of my carefully executed faux marble finishes.



Faux painted marble floor (marquetry)

Marble painting floor (marquetry)

Marquetry – painted marble as floor. White levelling coating with painted wood and marble insets – seamlessly fitted.
The dark, deep "Vert de Mer" marble was chosen as the marble imitation
Rosewood was grained to match the marble painting. Vert de Mer and rosewood – high-grade materials replicated in a white levelling coating.

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Faux Marble in a historic hallway

marbling, marble painting in a historic hallway

Touching up a marble painting in a historic hallway.

The installation/modification of two cabinets in the marbled wall area severly damaged the existing faux marble. I adapted the replastered areas and the small cabinets to the existing painting. All marbleisations are executed using the distemper technique that was commonly used in such areas in the 19th century.

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Faux Marble tabletop

faux marble, marble-imitation tabletop

Marbling painting on a wooden tabletop. The Faux Marble is a Giallo de Moire. A genuine piece of this marble served as a model.

This process required a perfectly prepared surface. The final coating is a colourless high-gloss finish.

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Gallery of Faux Marble Finishes

faux, gallery of marble paintings

Various marble paintings.

Examples of faux marble finishes using various painting techniques that I have executed. For the marbleisations shown here, materials such as mineral paint, varnish, oil-based paint, water-based glaze, oil-based glaze and silicate glaze were employed. Like the decorative painters of the 19th century, I place a lot of emphasis on painting the marble in a decorative form and preserving its character.

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You can find some information and images of the painting technique used in marble imitation on my website "".

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