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Faux Stone

... from sandstone blocks to brick

Strictly speaking, the pictorial imitation of stone could also be assigned to illusionist painting or trompe l’oeil or marble painting (onyx). Faux Stone painting is a very decorative painting technique and offers a wide variety of different design options. Faux Stone can be executed using various painting techniques, paints and forms in order to lend the painted stone the appropriate character. From sandstone, brick, hewn stone through to stone features that appear three-dimensional, pictorial imitation knows no bounds.


In the following, you can take a look at the different stone imitations I have produced.



Painted stonewall (faux stone painting, stonewall)

Painted stonewall

Decorative stone painting in a bathroom between fractured tiles. In order to lend the stone imitation more variety, a wooden beam with ivy was also painted. The entire painting was carried out with silicate paints. Silicate paints are very convenient for such areas. They are mould-resistant and waterproof. A colourless protective coating is usually not necessary, with the result that the painting has a more natural appearance.

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Stone imitation of Atlas (fax stone painting)

Faux stone imitation of Atlas

Decorative faux stone painting or stone imitation on a wall area.
As a result of accurately painted light and shade on the faux stone, the ledge parts and Atlas begin to have a plastic appearance – a trompe l’oeil.
For my faux stone paintings – as is also the case here – I like to use mineral paints, as these inherently have stony mineral characteristics.

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Faux Sandstone

Faux sandstone painted

Sandstone imitation with painted frieze – sandstone relief.

The painting material is once again mineral paint.

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